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Record On-Air Idiot Show

The On-Air Idiot show dominates airwaves with an appointment listening mentality that keeps listeners coming back for such segments such as the Topic of the Week, The Throw up on yourself award, Tell em why ur really mad, and much more. One of the major keys to their success is the incredible amount of listener participation and interaction. Whether the listener agrees or disagrees with a topic, opinion, or point the On-Air Idiots have no problem putting that listener on the airwaves to debate the issue at hand.In 2006, The On-Air Idiot Show pioneered the idea of syndicating their show through YouTube with an on demand style of listening. It was only a matter of time before YouTube noticed their efforts and offered a content partnership deal, which still stands to this day. Through the years you can see the evolution of the On-Air Idiot videos from 2006 to present day.The times have finally caught up with the On-Air Idiot show as the web is now the prime outlet for the music business. Their celebrity interviews have been featured on such sites as,,,,, and more. The well-deserved exposure has brought new fans to their show to join a core fan base that has been there through the years. It is safe to say that the On-Air Idiot show is not just a show, but a movement ready to expand its idiot empire.

Sel Radio Station Time Duration Weekdays
WZMX - Hot 93.7 6:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 360 minutes Sat