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Smart Investing

Smart Investing with Brent Wilsey is a investment talk show where listeners call in to ask and discuss their stocks and mutual funds. What makes Smart Investing unique is how much detail Brent discusses on air. When looking at stocks he compares the industry average to the companies valuation ratios such as price to earnings, price to sales, price to book and price to cash flow. While Brent feels the valuations of companies are important, he realizes an investor can t stop there. You must also compare the companies sales and earnings growth to the industry average, and look for companies with acceptable growth rates based on the valuations. Also compared to the industry are other important factors such as debt to equity, profit margin, return on equity and inventory turnover along with receivable turnover. While Brent confesses this is the not the end of an investors research, but hopefully pointing investors in the right direction and to continue their research on the news and the financial statements. For the listener who invests into mutual funds Brent will look at past performance of the fund, how the fund ranks in their category along with the top ten holdings. In addition to that Brent will also look at sector weightings, expenses and charges and how long the current management has been on the team. Then looking at standard deviation, a comparison of all funds to the fund in question is looked at on a risk to reward scenario. To help out listeners and investors, Brent does conduct ten workshops per year around San Diego County, primarily on stock investing

Sel Radio Station Time Duration Weekdays
KFMB - 760 KFMB 8:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Sat