Record Now. Listen Later.

available on the app store

What is is a software platform that allows you to record and archive streaming radio broadcasts as they happen so you can listen to them later. Think of it like a DVR for radio.

How it works.

Create an account. Setup recording. We'll record and store your audio in the cloud so you can listen whenever you like, from wherever you like, all you need is an internet connection.


  • iPhone app developed by ThinkIt Media, Inc.
  • Tab bar icons by The Beast.
  • Thanks to Matt Gallagher for his AudioStreamer Class.
  • Listen to your recordings.
  • Skip commercials using the 30 second skip button.
  • Go back using the 8 second back button.
  • Jump to any segment of your recording using the progress slider.
  • Send app to background and keep listening while you multitask.
  • See a breakdown of recoding hours used/available.
available on the app store