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WRBB 104.9

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Sel Show Name Time Duration Weekdays
Audio Hieroglyphics 8:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Wed
AyersWaves with MillionAyers 3:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Thu
CAA Full Court Press 4:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Mon
Chaos and Disorder 4:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Thu
CherryCola with Lola 12:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Tue
Coast to Coast (WRBB) 12:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Sat
Dj Witz Party Mix 11:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Tue
Dog Pound Sports Sound 12:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Fri
Drumbeat 7:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Sun
Fast Happy Music 6:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Thu
Final Call 6:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Sun
Ginger Spice Radio 3:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Mon
Hip Hop Happy Hour with DJ Ruff 9:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Fri
Hockey East This Week 6:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Wed
Indiestructable 6:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Sun
Lightning Chillerz 9:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Sun
Local Distortion 4:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Sun
National Hollah-Black a/k/a Your 2 Cents 10:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 180 minutes Sun
Night Rider Show with Night Rider 6:30 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 90 minutes Fri
Northeastern Basketball with WRBB Sports 4:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Wed
Northeastern Hockey 4:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 150 minutes Fri, Sat
On Stage! 1:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Sun
Perfect Nonsense 2:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Sun
Polarized with Alexxx 7:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Tue
Pregaming with KJO 7:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Thu
S.A.B. Radio 7:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Mon
Sam + Music = Radio with Sam Hollands 8:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Tue
Share What You Got with Gary 1:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Wed
Staff Director Show (WRBB) 1:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Tue
Stir Friday with DJ Liberty 2:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Fri
The Family Tree 8:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Sun
The Jazz Circle 6:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 180 minutes Sat
The Oldschool Zone 9:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 240 minutes Fri
The Sports DIG 8:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Wed
The Take Over 9:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Sat
Top Shelf Tunes with Sean 4:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Wed, Fri
Transcendental Toast 12:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Wed
What is this the INTERNET!?!? 5:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 120 minutes Mon
Zig Zag Wanderer with James 6:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes Tue