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P On Sports

P.J. Ochlan

Pachanga Latina (WUNH)

Palabra de Restauracion

Palabras de esperanza

Palmer Patrol

Palo Alto City Council

Pam Kelly

Pam Scott

Pame Yates

Papa Keith

Parker Cruise & Tour Talk

Parlons football

Parlons hockey

Party Lights

Party Line (WKRK)

Party Marty Mitchell

Party Playhouse with Jackson Blue

Passion (CJAD)

Passion by Design

Passport (KSER)

Passport Approved

Pastor Garland Moore

Pastor Hernan Davila

Pastor Lew Phillips

Pastor of the Week (WHKW) II

Pastor of the Week (WLQV)

Pastor Ramon Justamante

Pastor Ricardo Ponce

Pastor Tony/Doctor Tony

Pastora Francesca

Pastores Del Rei

Pat Capone

Pat Duncan

Pat Gallagher

Pat Haslam

Pat James

Pat James with The Wolf

Pat Lynch

Pat Martin

Pat Rivers

Pat St. John

Pat Thurston


Paths of Wisdom

Pathways to Service

Patrick Murphy

Patrick Neas

Patrick with The Wolf

Patriots of the Past

Patt Morrison

Patti Genko

Patti Sanders Show

Patty Jackson

Paul Arca

Paul Brennan

Paul Camacho

Paul Campbell

Paul Cook

Paul Donovan

Paul Jeffries

Paul Perry

Paul Richards

Paul Schadt Morning Show

Paul Slavens

Paul Walker

Paula Balish

Paula Street

Paulie Mack

Pauly WKGS

Pause for the Cause

Paws & Tales

Paws And Tales - WRAF

Pax Humana

Paz para el Corazon

PB & J or Television without the Pictures

PBS NewsHour

Pea Green Boat

Peace Lutheran

Peace Songs

Peace with You Mirvam radio

Peak Morning Show (92.9 FM)

Peaksville Asylum


Pen Fed Realty Real Estate Show

Penn State Forum

Pennsylvania Ave. A.M.E.

Penny Mitchell

Pensacola Right Now with Branden Rathert

People to People

Peoples Gospel Hour

Peoria City Council

Pepe Vega

perak radio

Perez Nights LIVE with Adam Bomb

Perfect Nonsense

Perfect Peace Hour

Performance Excellence USA

Performance in Pittsburgh

Performance Place

Performance Today (APM)

Perkins Square Baptist

Perry Nyhus Show

Perspective from ABC News

Perspectives (106.5 The Wolf)

Perspectives (KQED)

Perspectives (KTEP)

Perspectives (WFSU)

Perspectives - Bryan and Kate

Pet Care with Dr. Dan Simpson

Pet World

Pete Braley in the Morning

Pete Clark (WPDH)

Pete Lepore

Pete, the Cruiser & Kathryn

Peter Boyles

Peter Greenberg Worldwide

Peter Werbe Show

Peter Z

Petros and Money



Phantom Gourmet


Phil Allen

Phil and Scotty in the Morning

Phil Hendrie Show

Phil Hendrie Show (Abbreviated)

Phil Matier

Phil Matthews

Phil Music & His Orchestra

Phil Paleologos

Phil Valentine Show

Philadelphia Agenda

Phill Kross

Phillips & Co. Morning Show

Philosophy Talk

Phyllis Schlafly

Pia in the Morning

Picard After Dark

Piccadilly Rock or Real Town Radio

Pickin Parlor

Picture Perfect

Pierre Robert

Pile Driver

Pina (CHUM FM)

Pinecone Bluegrass Show

Pinto Beans and Collard Greens

Piolin por la Manana

Pip (96.1 KISS FM)

Pipedreams (APM)

Piper Phynnie

Pirate Radio

Pit Pass Moto Racing Weekly

Pittsburgh Symphony

Pizza Hut Sports

PJ Cruise

Plain Jane Wisdom

Plan for Life

Planet Blue

Planet Mikey

Planet Wild

Planetary Radio

PlanStrong Financial Forum

Plant Chatter

Plant Talk with Fred Hower

Plant Talk with John Fech

Play It Again (CKUA)

Playing Favorites (KUNV)

Playing With Fire

Playing with Knobs

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Plow The Fields

Plugged in DVD Review

Plugged In Movie Review

PM Bellingham with Dillon Honcoop

Pocos Pero Locos

Point of Contact

Point of View

Pointing You Home

Points North (CKUA)

Points North (Interlochen)

Polarized with Alexxx

Polish Euro Beat

Polish Godzina Informacyjna

Polish Hardware

Polish Health And Balsam

Polish Hour (WVKR)

Polish Interamer

Polish Magazyn

Polish Music (WNWI)

Polish Music Nasza Lista Marzen

Polish Polka Program & Polka Plus

Polish Radio Echo

Polish Radio Goral

Polish Radio Karolinka

Polish Radio Maryja

Polish Radio Polonii 2000

Polish Radio Przeciek

Polish Radio Relax

Polish Sw. Podroz Do Nieba

Polish Visa

Polish Wietrzne Radio

Polka Celebration

Polka Jamboree

Polka Music Show

Polka Party (WUNH)

Polka Party with Bill Fleming

Polka Party WKBN

Polka Rascals

Polka Time

Polka time America

Polka with Alfred Vrazel

Polkas on Tour

Pomai (Mix 94.1)

Pontoppidan Church Service

Pooner (92.9 KISM)

Poor Life Decisions

Pop Musique

Pop Rewind

Poptopia Parkway

Popular Science Radio

Porkchop Jenkins

Portia (Love 101.1)

Portlands Afternoon News

Portlands Morning News

Portraits in Blue

Portraits in Swing

Portraits of Grace

Positive Business

Positive Living

Positive Parenting

Positive Vibrations (KEXP)

Post-It Notes

Power Inspirations

Power Point

Power Point - WRAF

Power Rangers


Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White

Powered by Country


Powersource Top 20

Practical Christianity

Praise In The House

Praiz Party

Pray for the Nations

Precepts - WRAF

Precepts from Gods Word

Precious Diamond Ministry Program

Pregaming with KJO

Preguntale A Su Abogado

Premium Response

Premium Wavelengths

Prendre la route

Prep Sports Report

Prescription Addiction Radio Show

Prescriptions for Health

Preserving Your Retirement

Preston and Steve

Preston Miles


Priebe Investment Plans

Priestly & Jenn (Mix 106.5)

Prime Cuts (MPBN)

Prime Time Polkas

Prime Time Radio (AARP)

Prime Time Sports

Primera Plana

Primetime Pipi

Private Idaho

Priya B

Pro Football Weekly

Pro Wrestling Report

Pro-Life Perspectives

Probing America

Probono Bonobo


Productos De Nutra Natural

Profile America

Profiles in Folk

Programa de Jovenes

Programme de Star


Promise Keepers Radio

Prophecy For Today

Prophecy Today

Prophetess Pat Childs

Pros on Call

Proud Mary

Proverbs 31 Ministry

Psalm 95

Pseu Braun


Psychedelic Gospel

Psychedelic Oyster

Psychedelic Psunday

Psychedelic Punks Rotisserie

Public Affairs (KIXI)

Public Affairs (MPBN)

Public Affairs Hour (KCPW)

Public Affairs Show (WHTK)

Public Affairs Show (WITL)

Public Affairs:Valley View and Viewpoints

Public Eye

Public Noize Racket

Public Square

Punk Is Dead


Purely Praise

Purity Products

Purity Products Health

Putumayo World Music Hour

Pwned Radio

Pyke (KKED)