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R & B Review

R Boogie (Wild 102.9)

R&B Jukebox with Easy Bill

r-House Radio Show

Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show

Rabbi Pearl

Race (105.7 The Hawk)

Race Day on Fox

Race Taylor

RaceDay on ESPN Radio

Raceline Radio

Rachel Lutzker

Rachel Marisay

Rachel Solomon

Racing Country

Racing Rocks

Radio Addiction

Radio Behar Bosnian Show

Radio Beth Shalom

Radio Bilingüe

Radio Bob Rhythm & Blues Show

Radio Comedy Special

Radio Cucui Hispanic show

Radio Deluxe with John Pizzarelli

Radio Eclectica

Radio Fabulosa

Radio Flambeau

Radio Free Athens

Radio Free Clemson

Radio Green Earth

Radio Health Journal

Radio Inspired by Radio

Radio Italia

Radio Kansas Classical Music

Radio Luz Music

Radio M

Radio Perez

Radio Pet Vet

Radio Reader

Radio Real Estate

Radio Rosary

Radio Rotary

Radio Round-Up Talk Show

Radio Science News

Radio Showtime (WVKR)

Radio Smart Talk (WITF)

Radio Specials (KQED)

Radio Star

Radio Theatre - WRAF

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane

Radio Trader Rules

Radio Tropicalisimo

Radio Unnameable

Radio Uprising

Radio With A TWIST

Radio X Light

Radio X Musique (AM)

Radio X Rock


RadioFree Viroquagrad

Radiolab (NPR)

RadioWest (KUER)

Rafael Orlando

Ragtime America

Rahny Taylor

Rain Raga

Raise The Standard

Raising our Kids

Raising the Consciousness

Ralph Rodarte

Ralph Tortora

Ranch Breakfast

Randi & RJ in the Morning

Randi Kirshbaum

Randi West

Randy & Spiff

Randy and Dave

Randy Cain

Randy Carroll in The Morning

Randy Chase

Randy Hudnall

Randy Lundquist

Randy Maranz

Randy Renaud

Randy Sherwyn

Randy Turner

Ranger Bill

Rasta Revolution

Rat Boy & Stay Puff

Rated G

Raul Campos

Ravenna Miceli

Ray & Jeni

Ray Erick

Ray Koob

Ray Michaels

Ray On The Money

Ray Scott

Ray Wilson

Rayda Joe Show

Razz on the Radio

RCN Mornings


Reaching Zion

Reading Albuquerque

Reading with Robin

Real Estate 101

Real Estate and Personal Finance Advice

Real Estate Chalk Talk

Real Estate From A to Z

Real Estate Hour with Susan & Stan Ferguson

Real Estate in Focus

Real Estate Insight

Real Estate Investing Radio

Real Estate Made Easy Show

Real Estate Magic

Real Estate Matters (WINA)

Real Estate Radio (KABC)

Real Estate Radio Hour (WCCO)

Real Estate Radio Show with Donna Fries

Real Estate Radio with David McMillan

Real Estate Radio with Mike Kent

Real Estate Today With Gil Gross

Real Estate Today With Tara Granahan

Real Estate Today with Tom Kelly

Real FamilyLife

Real Fishing Radio

Real Gone

Real Law Radio

Real Life with Jennifer Till

Real Talk With Dave

Real Time Radio with Shinn

Reality Check

Reasons for Faith

Reasons For Our Hope

Rebecca Blake

Rebecca Corral and Melissa Culross

Rebecca Wylde

Recenter Your Life

Record Hop

Record in the Round

Record Shelf

Records from the Crypt

Recovery Road

Recycled Radio

Red 107.7 The End

Red Allen

Red Bank Bar and Grill

Red Chip Small-Cap Radio

Red Eye Radio

Red Hot Real Estate Show

Red Steagall Cowboy Corner

Redding News Review

Redeemer Midday

Redeeming The Time

Redemption Insights

Reel Animals with Mike Anderson

Reel Music

Reel Talk

Reflections with Pastor Wayne Brower

Reformed Witness Hour

Regarding Your Money

Reggae Emporium

Reggae Mix

Reggae Revolver

Reggae Riddims

Reggae Ride

Reggae Schoolroom

Reggae Sounds

Reggae Yard

Reggie Brown

Regional Frequency (WVKR)

Rejoice Sunday Morning (KISS 103.1)

Relatively Speaking (MPB)

Relevant Tones

Relevant Truth

Religion on the Line

Remember When

Remembering Kenosha

Remodel It Right

René Rodríguez

Renee (The River 105.9)

Renegade Bass Fishing Show

Renegade Soundscapes

Renewing Your Mind

Renovations Cross Canada

Request Time (MHWR)

Request Time WHWL

Requests & Dedications (KLUV)

Res-Q Healthline

Research File


Restoration Radio Network

Resurrection Church

Resurrection Flashback Sunday

Resurrection Sunday

Retire Right Radio with Patrick Munro

Retirement By Design

Retirement Clinic

Retirement Financial Strategies

Retirement Guys

Retirement Solutions

Retro Cocktail Hour

Retro Country USA

Retro Lightning

Retro Lounge

Retro Pop Reunion

Retro Stars

Retroactive Saturday Night

Return to the Pit

Reunion Church

Reusse And Mackey

Rev. Ken Geter

Rev. Danny McCracken

Rev. John Scott

Rev. Marcell Keller

Rev. Mel Perry

Revealing the Truth About Islam


Revive Our Hearts


Revue de presse

Rewind with Gary Bryan

Rex Howard

Reyis Lora

RFD Illinois

RFD Market Report

Rhode Island Builders Association

Rhythm & Praise

Rhythm Breakdown 2

Rhythm in Bloom

Rhythm Lab Radio

Rhythm Method

Rhythm Revue

Rhythm Sweet and Hot

Ric and Laura in the Morning

Ric Peterson & Suzanne Desautels Show

Ric Peterson Show

Rich Biela

Rich Birdsall

Rich Fisher

Rich Kaminski

Rich Lauber

Rich Lundey

Rich Renik

Rich Summers

Rich Wall

Richard Cloutier Reports

Richard Correll

Richard Perry

Richard Piet Show

Richard Randall

Richie and Greggo

Richie Favalaro

Rick (WUNH)

Rick Allen

Rick and Kim Morning Show (MISS 103)

Rick Brackett

Rick Daniels

Rick Edelman

Rick Ellis

Rick Emerson

Rick Hamada

Rick Jacksons Country Classics

Rick Labeau

Rick Morgan (KMKT)

Rick Powell

Rick Roberts

Rick Roland

Rick Stacy

Rick the Fix-It Guy

Rick Walters

Right Back Atcha

Right Between the Ears

Right on the Money

Right Turn

Ring Of Fire

Ringside Report

Ringtone Countdown

Rios De Agua Vida

Rip Retro Saturday Night

Rise Up

Rise When the Rooster Crows

Ritch Cassidy

Ritual of Ra

Rivals Radio

Riverwalk Jazz

RJ aka Lito

RJ Harris in the Morning

RJ Rose Afternoon River Rock

Roadhouse with Brad Collins

Roadhouse with Greg Vandy

Rob (WCYY)

Rob Berg

Rob Black

Rob Brandt

Rob Brooks

Rob Dibble & Amy Van Dyken

Rob Kacey

Rob Kemp

Rob Powers

Rob Steele

Rob Stone

Rob Timm

Robert Arrow

Robert Mangino

Robert Morgan

Robin Ivy

Robin LaRose

Robin Nash

Robin Rock

Robo Robb Radio Saturdays

Robotron Danceathon

Robyn (B101)

Robyn Taylor Show

Rochester Speaks

Rocio Sandoval

Rock & Roll Diner

Rock 107 Morning Show

Rock 20 Countdown with Scott McCord

Rock Candy Radio

Rock is Dead (WUNH)

Rock Kingdom Church

Rock N Roll Morning Show

Rock Show (K-Bear 101)

Rock Talk

Rock, Roll & Remember with Dick Clark

RockDétente le soir!

Rockies Dugout

Rockies HostLA

Rockin Rick (KZSN)


Rocky & Sue

Rocky Barnette

Rocky River United Methodist Church

Rod Bauman

Rod Hendrix

Rod Warner

Rodd Wayne

Roddick and Bones

Rodney on the ROQ

Roe and Roeper

Roger Bird Business Report

Roger Carson

Roger Hitchcock

Roger Neel

Roger, Darren and Marilyn

Rolando Ruiz

Rolling Into Retirement

Rolls Royce Show

Roman on The River

Romantic Hours

Ron and Yaya in the Morning

Ron Chatman

Ron Fitzpatrick

Ron Foster

Ron Gardenhire

Ron Hicks

Ron Jacobs


Ron Parker

Ron Parks

Ron Ponder Show

Ron Reino

Ron St. John

Ron Verb

Ronn Owens

Ronnie Blackwood

Ronnie Philips

Ronny Mack

Rooftop Underground

Room to Grow

Root Cellar (KVSC)

Roots and Branches

Roots Of Rhythm & Blues

Roq N Beats with DJ Jeremiah Red

Rose of Sharon

Roseanne (WKXA)

Roses Sweetheart Club

Rosie On The House

Rotating Specialty

Round Midnight

Roundtable (WAMC)

Rouse & Company

Route 66 with Johnny Rabbitt

Roy Green Show

Roy Sullivan

Royals Network Pregame@The K

Rozak (106.5 The End)

Rubberband Girl

Ruben O.

Ruby Valdez

Ruebel Without A Cause

Rumble in the Morning

Running to Win

Rural Issues Forum

Rural Nevada Today

Rush Limbaugh

Russ and Regelski (R&R in the Morning)

Russ Parr Morning Show

Russ Ryder

Russ V

Russell Rush

Rusty James

Rusty Keys

Rusty Potz On The Program

Ryan & Tyler with Jessica Chandler

Ryan (KCPR)

Ryan Castle

Ryan Greggory

Ryan Hunter

Ryan Miller

Ryan Walker

Ryan Westward

Ryan Wild