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S.A.B. Radio

Sabados de Complacencias XO

Sabres Hockey Hotline

Sabrina (Cool 101.3)


Sacred Concert

Sacred Stylings

Safe As Gold

Safe Money & Retirement

Safe Money Radio (Andrew Rafal)

Safe Money Radio (Michael Davis)

Safe Money Retirement (David Epstein)

Safe Money Strategies

Saint Paul Sunday (APM)

Salad Wednesday

Salem Radio Network Sports (SRN)

Salsa Dura

Salud con el

Salud En Cuerpo

Salvation Army

Sam + Music = Radio with Sam Hollands

Sam Alex

Sam Bass

Sam Giles

Samantha Cody

Samantha Sawyer

Samantha Stevens

Sammi Jo Austin

Sammy Cruise Show

Sammy Figueroa Show

Sams Garage

San Diego Real Estate Right Now

San Francisco Symphony

Sand Jam

Sandi Alexander

Sandra Crofford Show

Sandy and Frosty

Sandy Kovach

Sandy Rooney Show

SANFL Football Show

Sanford Health High School Coaches Show

Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival

Santa Monica City Council

Santé en Direct

Santiago Lopez

Sapiane In The Morning

Sara (97X)

Sarah & Vinnie

Sarah (106.5 CTQ)

Sarah Fierek

Sarah L.

Sarav Sanjhi Vani

Sargeant Preston

Sari Rose

Saskatoon @ Noon

Sat Nite Regrined

Satan, Hitler and Friends

Saturday Afternoon at the Opera (VPR)

Saturday Afternoon Jazz (CJRT)

Saturday Afternoon Opera (WGTE)

Saturday Breakfast (CKUA)

Saturday Celebration

Saturday Concert Series (105.7 the X)

Saturday Folk Aire

Saturday Morning (CKNX)

Saturday Morning @ WHP580

Saturday Morning Car Tunes with Miss Beth

Saturday Morning Extravaganza

Saturday Morning Flashback

Saturday Morning Function with Bob Porter

Saturday Morning News (KXL)

Saturday Morning Sports Edge

Saturday Morning Sports Talk

Saturday Morning with Charlie Boone

Saturday Night (WABC)

Saturday Night America

Saturday Night at the 80s

Saturday Night Country Classics (KANW)

Saturday Night Dance Party (WOGL)

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fish Fry (WICN)

Saturday Night House Party (93.3 FLZ)

Saturday Night House Party (WKIS)

Saturday Night Jamboree

Saturday Night Jazz (KWIT)

Saturday Night Jazz (WWNO)

Saturday Night Jukebox

Saturday Night Online LIVE with Romeo

Saturday Night Party Jamz (Sun FM)

Saturday Night Requests (WQED-FM)

Saturday Night Slaughter House

Saturday Night Sound Factory with Fonseca

Saturday Night Stepper Show

Saturday Night with Dimitri

Saturday Open Phones

Saturday Sports (ESPN 760)

Saturday Sports Spectacular

Saturday Sunsplash

Saturdays with Spence

Savannah Jones

Savannah Music Festival LIVE

Saving Your Financial Life

Says You!

SBK Live

Scatterbrain Radio

Scenic World

Schick and Nick

Schopp and The Bulldog

Schroom (104.7 The Edge)

Sci-fi Overdrive.

Science Fantastic

Science in Action (BBC)

Science Today

Science, Scripture, and Salvation


Scorch Radio Thing

Score Atlanta Sports Sunday

Score Values

Scott Aebly

Scott And Ally

Scott Barnett Show

Scott Bohannon

Scott Brady

Scott Chase

Scott Childers

Scott Cook

Scott Cordischi

Scott Cox Show

Scott Cruise

Scott Hanes

Scott Hennen

Scott Korzenowski

Scott Letourneau

Scott McCord

Scott Miller

Scott Miller in the Morning

Scott Moore

Scott Piper

Scott Reiniche

Scott Shannon

Scott Sloan

Scott Slocum in the Morning

Scott Sparks

Scott Steele

Scott Stine

Scott Thompson Show

Scott Williams

Scotty & Tony

Scotty Brilliant

Scotty Doo

Scotty Hart

Scotty Mac

Scotty Vandryver

Scrappy (105.5 The Beat)

Scratchy Vinyl Show

Screwed Down Party Mix

Scruff McGruff Crime Hour

Scuba Radio

Scuba Talk Now

Scuttlebutt Radio

Sea Coast Sunday Morning

Sean & Jeannie

Sean Andre

Sean Cooper

Sean D

Sean Dillon

Sean Farnham

Sean Farnham & Richardson

Sean Holly

Sean MacLean

Second Cup Concert

Second Opinion

Second Opinion Medical Show

Second Star from the Right

Secret Music (WVKR)

Secrets To Living Healthy

Section 26

Securing Your Financial Future

Seeking Him

Seibel & Starkey

Selected Shorts (PRI)

Selena (WiLD 94.9)

Selina Soul

Selvin on The City

Senior Class Radio

Senior Security with Carl Gehring

Señor Bolero

Serbian Karavan

Serbian Radio Cas

Serenade to a Cuckoo with Jerry Gordon

Seven Second Delay (with Ken and Andy)

Shades of Color

Shades Of Gray

Shadoe Steele


Shake Rattle Showtime

Shake the Shack

Shakin Dave Aiken

Shalom City of Peace Church

Shalom Talk

Shamara (Power 99)

Shan & RJ

Shana Vaughn

Shane Finch

Shane Montgomery

Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Shannon The Dude Weekends

Share What You Got with Gary

Shari Stone

Sharing Life Together

Shark (97X)

Sharkey (KALX)

Sharon Buck

Sharon Davis

Sharon Green

Sharon Hyland

Shauna & Hanna

Shawn and Angie

Shawn Arnell

Shawn Burke

Shawn Kennedy

Shawn Patrick

Shawn Stevens

Shawn Tempesta

Shawn Wild

Shawnee Smith Show

Shay Moore

Shay Shay

She Rocks

Shedding Light

Shelby Rushin

Shelley (FM99)

Shelley Wade

Shellie Hart

Shelly Kincaid

Sheri Van Dyke

Sherri Marengo

Sheryl Stewart

Shiloh Christian Community Church

Shiloh Temple Church

Shilynne Cole

Shining Light Baptist Hour

Shirl And You


Shofar Ministries


Shortest Show In Radio w/Brian Bannon

Shortwave Report

Shotgun Jackson

Shotgun Jaxon

Shotgun Tom Kelly

Show Me The Outdoors

Showtime In The Afternoon

Showtime with Sharman Yarnell

Shredd and Ragan

Shrunken Planet

Shuffle (GPB)

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Sid Hardt and Amy Jo Johnson

Silent Bob

Silly Jilly (103.5 KISS FM)

Silly Jilly (HOT 95.7)

Siloa Church Service

Simmons Car Care Workshop

Simon Conway

Simon In The Morning

Simple Gospel

Simply Folk

Simply Football


Sing For Joy

Sing Out with Larry Kelp (KPFA)

Sinnett in Session


Siskiyou Music Hall

Sister Kim Show

Sisters (KVSC)

Sisters in Christ

Sitaaron Ki Duniya

Sixx Sense



Skeeter Nash

Skip Kelly

Skooter (94.3 X)

Skratch n Sniff

Sky Walker (K-EARTH 101)

Skywalker (K 104.7)

Slab One

Slaytanic Carnage

Sleepy Hollow

Sliwa and Lichtman

Sloanie and Tracy

Slow Your Rolls

Sly in the Morning

Smart City

Smart Investing

Smart Money Radio

Smart Money with Bob Veasey

Smart Money with Hank & Monique Madden

Smart Shopper

Smart Talk with Trey Graham

Smartie Pop

Smash City

Smiley and West

Smiley Morning Show

Smokies Baseball

Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch

Smooth Jazz Top 20 with Allen Kepler

Smooth Sunday Brunch

Snap Judgment (NPR)

Snatches of Jazz

Snow Knows Gardening Show

So Cal Speaks Out

Soapbox Derby on KALX-FM

Sock Hop

Sock Hop Saturday Night With Mark Edwards

Sock Puppet Show

Soelta Gael

Sofía Soria al Mediodía

Soft Rock At-Work Cafe

Softy (KJR)


SoL RoK King

Soldado De La Cruz

Solid Gold Saturday Night with Lady M

Som do Brasil

Some Guy Named Tias

Somebody Loves You

Something About Women (KKIM)

Something Different

Somewhere In Time

Son Rise Morning Show

Song of Solomon

Songs And Melodies Of Beautiful Slovenia

Songs in the Night

Sonia Sidhu

Sonic Spectrum

Sonny Victory


Soul Beginnings

Soul Different

Soul Patrol

Soul Possession

Soul Power

Soul Serenade

Soul to Soul

Soul Vibes

Soulatomic Radio or The Love Bug KOTO

Sound Insight

Sound Medicine

Sound Of The City

Sound of Young America

Sound Opinions (APM)

Soundcheck (WNYC)

Soundcheck with Aaron Axelsen



Sounds Choral

Sounds Like Radio

Sounds of Brazil (WPFW)

Sounds of Classic Jazz

Sounds of Grey

Sounds of India

Sounds Of Joy

Sounds of Sunday

Sounds of Swing

Sounds of the Carribbean

SoundTheory Live


South Florida Arts View

South Florida Sports Saturday

South Florida Spotlite

South Louisiana Gumbo

South of the Border

Southern Baptist

Southern Gospel Music

Southern Gospel Time

Southern Remedy

Southern Soul Blue Light In The Basement House Party

Southern Tier Close Up

Southwest Church of Christ

Southwest Grain Close

Souvenirs Garantis

Sowing The Seed

Space Between Two Worlds

Space Talk with Jim Banke


Speak Low

Speaking Freely

Speaking in Tongues

Speaking of Faith

Speaking On Business

Special K


Spectrum Today News

Speed Freaks

Spencer Burke

Spezzano & Sandy

Spike on the Mic

Spinning On Air

Spirit of Jazz (WPFW)

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritus Special

Splendid Table (APM)

Splinters & Candy

Spokane Business Focus

Spoleto Chamber Music

Spooky SouthCoast

Sport E. Odie

SportCenter AM

Sporting News Radio Network

Sports Business Radio

Sports Buzz

Sports Byline USA

Sports Collectables Hour

Sports Daily

Sports du lit

Sports Exchange

Sports Kings

Sports Middle

Sports Morning (The Sports Animal)

Sports Morning with BBJ

Sports Nation

Sports News (BBC)

Sports Night (CKOM)

Sports Night 360

Sports Nightly with Dick Gabriel

Sports Nightly with Jeff Culhane

Sports Overnight America Weekend Edition

Sports Rap

Sports Report (DW)

Sports Rx

Sports Saturday (ESPN 980)

Sports Saturday (SNR)

Sports Scoreboard (KMTI)

Sports Spectrum

Sports Sunday (SNR)

Sports Talk (1500 ESPN Twin Cities)

Sports Talk (KOTO)

Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly

Sports Talk with Craig & John

Sports Talk with Dave Maetzold

Sports Talk with Ron Cameron

Sports To The Max

Sports wave

Sports X Radio

Sports Year In Review


Sportsline (KHTK)

Sportsline (WBAL)

Sportsline (with Jack Dale)

Sportsline (WV MetroNews)

Sportsline with Rod Pedersen



Sportsphone 680 with Eric Byrnes

Sportstalk (CKNW)

Sportstalk (WNML)

Sportstalk (WVOC)

SportsTalk 84

SportsTalk San Antonio

Sportstalk with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia

SportsTalk with Dan Russell

Sportstalk with John & Jimmy


SportTalk (WGOW-FM)

Spot o` Class

Spotlight Indianapolis

Spotlight STL Show

Spyder Harrison

sQueeG (105.9 The Rock)

Squid Jiggers Blend

SRN News Headlines

SRN Sports

St. Johns Playhouse

St. Joseph Radio Presents

St. Louis on the Air

St. Mark Baptist Church

St. Paul COGIC

St. Paul Sunday

St.Matthews Church Service

Stacey K and Jonah

Stacey Taylor (Kiss Rocks)

Stack 3 & Jazzy P

Stacy Ireland with Nate Connors

Staff Director Show (WRBB)

Stafford and Frigo in the Morning

Stage It Hawaii with Rein Hollar

Stan (WFMU)

Stan Atkinson

Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor

Stan Manning

Stan Parman

Stand Up 4 Jesus

Stand Up Comedy Bits

Standing Room Only (WERS)

Standing Room Only (WFHB)


Stardust (KIXI)

Stars End

Stars Of Country with Cadillac Jack

Start Your Day with Dave Compton

Start Your Day With The Morning Jolt!

State of Belief

State of Nevada

State of the Arts (NJN)

State of the Arts with Stacey Ford Osborne

State of the Re:Union (NPR)

State of Things

State Week in Review

Static Noise

Static Saturday w/Holmes and mixed by DJ Grooves

Staudt on Sports

Steel on Steel

Stella Mars

Step Your Life Game Up

Steph Peters

Stephanie Bromfield

Stephanie Mateczun

Stephen MIchael Kerr

Sterling (K-LOVE 89.3)

Steve & Ted in the Morning

Steve Ardolina

Steve Austin

Steve Casanova

Steve Czaban

Steve Dunbar

Steve Granato

Steve Hall

Steve Hardy

Steve Hunter

Steve Jordan

Steve Kelly

Steve Knoll

Steve Kostan Show

Steve Kramer

Steve Little

Steve Maher

Steve Maltzberg

Steve Michaels

Steve Mike

Steve Monz

Steve Morse On Music

Steve Pringle

Steve Quinn

Steve Rosenbloom and Brian Paruch

Steve Ross

Steve Russell

Steve Ryan

Steve Shannon

Steve Simmons

Steve Suter

Steve Wazz

Steve Wiseman

Steve Young

Steve Yuhas

Steven O. Sellers

Stifel Nicolaus Stock Close

Stir Friday with DJ Liberty

Stirred, Not Shaken

Stock Market Reports

Stone & TT


Stoney Richards

Stop and Think Radio

Stories From the Heart

Stories of Great Christians

Stories to Culture Enlightenment

Story Hour Power

Storybook Room

Storytime with Uncle Charlie

Straight Gate

Straight Talk (NJN)

Straight Talk About Money (Googins & Anton)

Straight Talk from the Scriptures

Straight Talk with Jerry Hughes

Strange Currency

Strange Folk

Strawberry (997 NOW)

Stream of Consciousness

Street Beat (KUBE 93)

Street Corner Sunday

Strength For Living

Strength for Today (KKIM)

Strengthening Americas Churches

Strictly Biblical

Strictly Blues

Strike Up The Band

String Fever

String Of Pearls

Strong Inspirations

Stryker (KROQ)

Stu Sperazza

Stuart Langston show

Stuart Whyte Show

Stuck in the Psychedelic Era

Studio 108

Studio 1430 Night Sounds

Studio 360 (PRI)

Studio 7

Studio 95

Studio GPB

Studio Virginia


Stump Jumpers Sit-In

Stump the Professor


Sucarnochee Revue

Successful Farming Radio Magazine

Successful Living

Sudden Death Overtime

Sueltalo el show

Suga Shane

Suge White

Summit Planning Financial Hour

Sunday Accents

Sunday Afternoon Jazz (CJRT)

Sunday Bach

Sunday Baroque

Sunday Benediction

Sunday Best (KHCC)

Sunday Block Party

Sunday Breakfast (CKUA)

Sunday Breakfast (WFUV)

Sunday Brunch (103.7 The Mountain)

Sunday Brunch (Magic 101.1)

Sunday Chronicle

Sunday Classics (WPR)

Sunday Coolout

Sunday Down South

Sunday Evening Classical (KOTO)

Sunday Fireside

Sunday Focus

Sunday Forum

Sunday Gold

Sunday Gospel

Sunday Gospel Sunrise

Sunday House Call

Sunday Jazz Brunch

Sunday Journal

Sunday Lunch with House

Sunday Magazine (CKUA)

Sunday Magazine (Magic 93)

Sunday Mass from EWTN Chapel

Sunday Mass from the Cathedral

Sunday Mass with Fr. Mike Salvagna

Sunday Matinee (WSHU)

Sunday Meeting Time

Sunday Midday (Music)

Sunday Morning Bullpen

Sunday Morning Classics

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday Morning Glory

Sunday Morning Gospel (WAER)

Sunday Morning Gospel Jubilee

Sunday Morning Hangover

Sunday Morning Hope

Sunday Morning Hymntime

Sunday Morning in Studio C

Sunday Morning Inspiration

Sunday Morning Inspirations

Sunday Morning Jazz (Magic 106.7)

Sunday Morning Joy

Sunday Morning Magic (Magic 106.7)

Sunday Morning Opera with Sandy

Sunday Morning Over Easy

Sunday Morning Praise (KLTY)

Sunday Morning Slow Jamz

Sunday Morning Sportstalk

Sunday Morning Trivia

Sunday Morning Unplugged

Sunday Night Blues

Sunday Night Concert

Sunday Night Cruise

Sunday Night Dance

Sunday Night Football

Sunday Night Jazz (SDPB)

Sunday Night Jazz (WMKY)

Sunday Night Live

Sunday Night Nice N Easy

Sunday Night Oldies Diner

Sunday Night Prime with Fr. Benedict Groeschel

Sunday Night Slow Jams

Sunday Night Sound Session

Sunday Night Specials

Sunday Night Vinyl

Sunday Nite Slow Jams

Sunday Opera (WWFM)

Sunday Praise (Moody Radio)

Sunday Revival

Sunday School (KISM)

Sunday Sermon

Sunday Soireé

Sunday Sunrise (MHWR)

Sunday Sunrise with Ron

Sunday Susti

Sunday with Sinatra

Sunday With Tab

Sunlit Room

SUNNY Across Central Florida

SUNNY Morning Show

Sunny Mornings (Sunny 95)

Sunny Side Up

Sunrise Concert

Sunrise Polka Show

Sunshine In the Afternoon

Supa Dave

Supa Mike

Super Duper Sports Show

Super Gold With Mike Harvey

Super Health

Super Saints

Super Saver Shopping Show

Super Snake

Superstar Concert Series

Supreme (Hot 107.7)

Susan B. Anthony Commentary

Susan Browning

Suzie Quinn

Suzy Tavarez

SVP & Russillo (ESPN)

Swap & Shop (WLNG)

Sweet Holy Spirit Church

Swing Chronicles

Swing On This

Swing Shift

Swing Years (looped)

Swing Years And Beyond

Swinging with the Big Bands


Swingtime (KWIT)

Swingtime (WEW)

Swingtime Memories Mike Ballasay

Swirl Radio: LGBT Issues with Michelle Meow

Sybil McGuire

Sydney Hawkins

Sydney Tate

Sylvia Aimerito

Symphonies of Iowa

SymphonyCast (APM)