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L.A. Theatre Works

La Gitana De La Salsa

La Cantera Golf Show

La Chanson Survivante

La Coqueta

La Hit Liste

La Hora de la Verdad

LA Lloyds Rock 30

La Mejor Musica Del Metroplex

La Mesa Redonda

La Morenita

La Noche Caliente

La Noche y Usted

La Noticia y Usted

LA Opera on the Air

La Pausa Romantica

La Potranca

La Regadera

La Respuesta esta en Jesus

La Rockola Que Pone Tu Rola

La Tremenda Corte

La vida en una novela

La Voz de Inmigracion

La Vraie Vie

La zone des poolers

Labor Radio

Lacey Shane

Lacie Evans

LaDona Harvey

Lady Brain with Steph and Lauren

Lady La

Lake Effect

Lambeau Live

Lamonte Cranston

Lamplighter Theatre

Lamplighter Theatre - WRAF

Lance McAlister

Lanigan and Malone

Lara Seaver

Larry Chiaroni

Larry Elder Show

Larry Green

Larry Ickes

Larry Lane

Larry McFeelie

Larry Meiller

Larry on the Law

Larry Soares

Larry T (WKIX)

Larry Tinsley

Larry Wayne

Larry Wilson

Las Inolvidables

LaShay B show

Last Call

Last Motel

Last Set at Birdland

Late Afternoons with Mike Schikman

Late Debate

Late Night Blues (JPR)

Late Night Jazz (WBGO)

Late Night Jazz (WPFW)

Late Night Traks (KMTI)

Late Night with Bob Gomez

Late Night with Jairo Solis

Late Night with Mark Dannels

Late Night with Pastor Al

Latin Beat

Latin Flavor (WPFW)

Latin Flavor - Classic Edition (WPFW)

Latin Jazz

Latin Jazz Now

Latin Jazz Quarter

Latino USA (NPR)

Latino USA - Ideas in the Air

Laura Carlo

Laura Ingraham Show

Laura Waits (KLBJ)

Lauren (98 Rock)

Lauren (MIX 96-5)

Lauren Lee

Lauren Noble

Laurence Holmes

Lauri Jones

Laurie & Olga Show

Laurie Arbore

Laurie Free

Laurie Sanders

Law Talk Live with Jeffrey Meldon

Law Talk with Tom Ewing


Lawn and Garden Show with Phyllis Stephens

Layton (KIX Country 92.9)

Lazer Local Licks

Lazy E (97.9X)

Lazy Lightning

LDS Church News

LDS Conference Report

Le 102,9 Night Club

Le 4 @ 8 Du Vendredi

Le 4 @ 8 Extra

Le Brunch Musical

Le Lunch Musical

Le Retour à La Maison

Le Retour de Radio X

Le Retour Juste pour le fun

Le Show - Harry Shearer

Le Show - Harry Shearer (KCRW)

Le Show Du Matin

Le Top 10

LE TOP 7@7

Leading The Way

Leak & Sons

Leapin Lia

Learn to Be Healthy

Leavenworth Today

Lee Mai

Lee Rayburn Show

LeeAnn Sommers

Left of the Dial

Left, Right, and Center (KCRW)

Legacy Church

Legal Lounge

Legal Tips

Legally Speaking with David Betras

Legally Speaking with Mike Collins

Legally Speaking with Mike Shea

Legends & Outlaws

Legends of Jazz

Legends of Success

Leggs Up & Dancing

Legislative Gazette (WAMC)

Leif Erickson

Leigh Ann

Leigh Nash (Y100)

Leland Conway

Leland Live

Len Tillem

Lenair Holton

Lenny Palmer

Leo Taylor Jr.

Leonard Lopate (WNYC)

Lern (KSHE 95)

Les 12 coups de midi

Les Amateurs de sports

Les amateurs de sports en prolongation

Les amateurs de sports week-end

Les Demandes Spéciales Inattendues

Les espoirs sportifs

les Grandes Gueles

Les Grands Slows

Les grands titres

Les Grobstein

Les Meilleurs Moments Du Forum De France Bleu Périgord

Les Nuits NRJ

Leslie Lopez

Leslie Marshall

Leslie T. Travis

Leslie Witt

Let It Grow

Let My People Think

Let My People Think - WRAF

Let the Bible Speak (

Lets Talk Sports

Lets talk tech with Christian Wheel

Letter From (BBC)

Letty B (99.7 NOW)

Levi (K102)

Lewis and Floorwax

Lewis Avenue Baptist Church

Lex and Terry

Lex in the City

Liberty Baptist Church

Liberty Bible Church

Liberty Roundtable

Liberty Temple

Life Advice with Jennifer Lewis-Hall

Life Is Worth Living

Life Issues

Life Jewels

Life of a Minister

Life of Victory

Life on the Rock (EWTN)

Life Perspectives

Life Revised

Life with Psychic Suzanna

Life With Purpose Radio - WRAF

Life!Line with Craig Roberts

Life: On the Radio


Lifestyle 1150 (WDEL)

Lifestyles Unlimited

Lift Jesus Higher as presented by ReJOYce in Jesus Ministries

Light of the East

Lighten Up

Lightning 100 Unplugged

Lightning Chillerz

Lights Of Spiritual Guidance

Lights Out (Rock 101)

Lights Out San Francisco

Lil Bear

Lil Homie

Lin Woods

Lincoln Radio Journal

Lincoln Ware Show

Linda Cassidy

Linda Harris

Linda Reynolds

Linda Rose

Lindsay Klein

Line of Fire

Line One: Your Health Connection

Liquid Lunch (WXQR)

Lisa Allen

Lisa Ann Walter

Lisa Berigan

Lisa Christensen

Lisa Foxx

Lisa Lyons

Lisa McKay

Lisa Miller

Lisa Paige

Lisa St. Regis

Lisa Thomas

Lisa Wexler

Lisbela Lopez

Listen to His Love

Listening Room

Lithuanian Studio

Little Grass Shack

Little Guys Home Electronics Show

Little Miss Deanna

Live & Local (102.3 The Talk Monster)

Live @ the Clubhouse Lounge

Live and Local (KBLU)

Live at Noon (WUMB)

Live At The Bluebird Cafe

Live at the Concertgebouw

Live at the Linda (WAMC)

Live Fire

Live From Studio M

Live in Texas

Live in the Den

Live Life Intentionally

Live Lixx at Sixx

Live to Air from The Phoenix

Live to Air from Velvet Underground

Live Wire! Radio

Lively Stone

Livestock Report

Living a Legacy

Living Better

Living Better in San Diego

Living Beyond Disease

Living In Christ

Living Large

Living Natural First

Living on Earth (PRI)

Living on the Edge

Living On The Edge - WRAF

Living Pain Free

Living Planet

Living the Word

Living Well with Dr. Howard Boos

Living Well with Pam Smith

Liz (Mega 101 FM)

Liz Adams

Liz Berg

Liz Wylder

Liza Richardson


LJ (Hot 107.7)

LMN Radio Show

Lo-Fi, High Five!

Lobo (97.5 Eagle)

Lobo Afternoons on KMPS

Local 945

Local Anesthetic Capsule

Local Bands (99.1 PLR)

Local Distortion

Local Edge Radio

Local Frequency

Local Licks (KLBJ-FM)

Local Licks (KOZT The Coast)

Local Motion

Local News WDLB

Local Politics on The Hardline

Locals Only! (KROQ)

Lochlin Cross

Lock, Stock and Daria

Loh Down on Science

Lois Mae In The Morning

Lois Swanson Outreach Ministry


London in the Afternoon

London In The Morning

London Midday

Lone Star Farm And Ranch Report

Lone Star State Of Mind

Loo Katz

Look Out for the Bull

Looking at the Law

Loopeazy (HOT 106)

Lopsided World of L

Lori and Julia

Lori Bradley

Lori Mae

Loris Lowe

Los Angeles Philharmonic

Los Angeles' Old School Music 2pm-6pm

Los Duetos De La Ranchera

Lost Highway

Lost In the 80s

Lou Pate

Loud and Local (KISW)

Louie Linguini

Louisiana Sounds

Lounge 8800

Love Connection

Love Doctors

Love Songs After Dark

Love Songs with Gene Knight

Love Songs with Tim

Love Worth Finding

Love Worth Finding - WRAF

Love Zone



Low Country Real Estate Show

Low Tide Lounge

Lubbock or Leave It

Lubin Sinclair

Luc Charlot

Lucas (KDWB)

Lucas and Lepay

Lucky Larry

Luis Jiminez

Luke Vail

Lunch Box (CKUA)

Lunch with Led Zeppelin

Lunchbreak (WXOU)

Lupita Del Castillo

Luscious Weekends

Lutheran Brethren Church Service

Lutheran Chapel (WCWA)

Lutheran Chapel Of The Air

Lutheran Reformation Hour

Luvonia Whittley

Lynn Roberts

Lynn Simmons In The Morning

Lynn Warfel

Lynn Wilson

Lyric Opera of Chicago